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Dandeli is located at 15.2497° N, 74.6174° E Uttara Kannada District, Karnataka State, India. Dandeli is famous for its forest and wild life sanctuary. You can book almost all the hotels/resorts/homestays in Dandeli from our website. We also provide you to choose the activities package in which you would be interested. Dandeli is a town in the western Indian state of Karnataka. The Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, with its trails and dense forests, is home to animals including black panthers, monkeys and elephants, as well as many bird species. A temple stands at the entrance to the limestone Kavala Caves, known for their stalagmite formations. West of the caves, Anshi National Park encompasses the Kali Tiger Reserve.


Rs 1200

Stay in Dandeli Wild Woods

Free fire camp | 1 Day and 1 Night
Call Now for Booking: 8095746979

Rs 1500

Boat Trip to Hansa Beach

1 Hour Boating Call Now 8095746979

Rs 1200

Long Water Rafting

Rafting for 5 KM - Call Now for Booking: 8095746979

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Welcome to Dandeli.org. Dandeli is a place where you can feel the nature beauty and enjoy. We Dandeli.org give you wide variety of options for stay in Dandeli which includes Resorts, Homestay, Cottage, tent stay in Dandeli.

Dandeli.org provides you best package for your trip and stay in Dandeli. We have wide variety of packages for Dandeli Trip/Tourism which includes resorts in Dandeli, Stay in tents in Dandeli, Stay in Cottage in Dandeli and many more. One of the main attraction during trip in Dandeli is Fire Camp and cook Non-Veg and we are providing free fire camp as complimentary package to whoever books from Dandeli.org

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