Almost all are confused in choosing right place to stay in Dandeli. If you type in google dandeli homestay, dandeli adventure and many more keywords you will get atleast 3 to 4 sponsored ads and remaining are targetted by leading travel agency like makemytrip, tripadvisor who charge more than what you would pay to the real owners.

So how you will decide which is best place to stay in Dandeli. It Depends upon Location, Price, Amenities, Reviews etc.

LOCATION: One of the main terms in deciding the best place to stay in Dandeli is the location of the property. In Dandeli you can find varieties of property which are listed as Homestay, Tent Stay, Resorts, Cottage and Lodges. Most of them are well and nicely maintained but when we think of the location we need to decide based on the interest of the traveler who are planning to visit Dandeli. If you are planning to have a calm and enjoy the nature you should find up the property which is situated apart from the city usually in outskirts. But the problem here we find is to invest more on transportation we need to hire a taxi or rent a bike in Dandeli which will definitely charge depending upon your requirement and if you own a vehicle you need to rely on GPS or Google Map if you are having a good Internet service provider. Most of the traveler complain about the bad Internet connectivity in Dandeli as this is due to area as Dandeli is situated in dense forest.

PRICE: The price of the property depends upon the season and the point of contact whom you choose. Dandeli is a place where there are lot of visitors during peak seasons like festivals, weekend holidays, New Year, Christmas etc. During these days the price are usually high as lot of visitors comes which high demand. It is better to avoid these festival seasons and New Year to avoid hike price. You should also compare the price in 2 to 3 websites to get the best deals. For good comparison of price Click Here

REVIEW: Most of the people just depend upon the review that is published in google and decide which property is good and which property is bad. Our recent study has proved that 30% to 40% on google review are almost fake as few competitors either add negative review for other property using unknown email IDS. Also few are giving good review by self to their own property and ask friends to give good review. The basic idea in choosing property depends upon trust basically there are three category of trust 1. Repeat Customers: This category will definitely help you to find the property review. This is done just by asking your friends about their experience that they had in Dandeli and property Comfort. 2. Relying on Third Party: Third party will develop trust in customers like showing the reviews that other customers provide and also travel agents and travel website do same (Google, TripAdvisor, MakemyTrip, Dandeli.Org).

AMENITIES As the property are well maintained in Dandeli and is usually situated in outskirts giving all amenities to traveller is difficult in Dandeli. Few of the property are situated in Tiger Reserve area where the travellers of Dandeli are not allowed to use music and it may distract the wild animals. So it is better to read it's amenities and to confirm it before booking the property.