One of the most common query of people coming to Dandeli ask is about Jungle Safari. How is Jungle Safari? Where it takes place? What is the cost of Jungle Safari Dandeli? Weather they charge for children? Which all animals are seen in this safari? How long they take ? Distance and time etc . And we have the answer for you.

Jungle safari is for people who have luck to see different species and like adventure.

About Dandeli

Dandeli is located in the Uttara Kannada District of Karnataka and one of the well known adventure place in India. Dandeli is 8.5 Km2 area in total and 472m elevation

Dandeli Jungle Safari

If you love wildlife photography or like to show animals to your kinds then you should never miss to visit Dandeli Jungle Safari

More Details of Dandeli Jungle Safari

Timing for Jungle Safari? Morning Jungle Safari 6:00 AM
Evening Jungle Safari 4:00 PM
Jungle Safari is done two times a day first session is in early morning at 6:00 AM and next session in the evening at 4:00 PM.
Morning Jungle Safari
Reporting Time From 05:30 am to 09:00 am
Morning Jungle Safari
Reporting Time From 03:30 pm to 07:00 pm

More Details of Dandeli Jungle Safari

Q: Timing for Jungle Safari?

A: 6:00 AM and 4:00 PM
Jungle Safari is done two times a day first session is in early morning at 6:00 AM and next session in the evening at 4:00 PM.

Q: Duration and Length of Jungle Safari

A: Jungle Safari is usually done two times a day i.e., morning 6:00 AM and come back at 8:00 AM [2 hour] and in evening 4:00 PM and return back at 6:00 PM [2 hour] approximately 14 KM.

Q: Where is the Jungle Safari done?

A: This is done in Kulgi click here for Direction

Q: What is the price for Dandeli Jungle Safari?

A: Rs 450 per head for Indian.

Q: Can we take own vechicle to Jungle Safari?

A: No, For Jungle Safari Dandeli forest department provides their own open jeep with professional drivers who are trained to drive in forest area and professional guide along with. Vehicle is included in the cost

Things to carry

  1. Water Bottle
  2. Cap


  1. For safety purpose, do pay attension to the instructions given by the guide/driver
  2. Do not come out of the vehicle without informing the guide

Refund Policy or Cancellation Policy

This is purely done by the forest department of Karnataka. Cancellation and refund is purely based on policy by the department

Things to know about Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary

This area 339.87 sq. km (83,980 acres) was declared part of Anshi Dandeli Tiger Reserve in 2006. On 4th June 2015 Karnataka State Government officially notified the Dandeli Elephant Reserve under Project Elephant.

The elephant reserve is spread over 2,321 km2 including 475 km2 as core and remaining as buffer areas. Dandeli is the second elephant reserve after Mysuru which was declared in 2002. There are around 200 species of birds, one of the most fampus for which Dandeli is known as is great hornbill ( Great Indian Hornbill or Great Pied Hornbill) and the Malabar Pied Hornbill.

Other things you can see is black panther, Indian Sloth Bear, The Indian Pangolin, The gaint Malabar Squirrel, Dhole, The Indian Jackal, Muntjac (Barking Deer), Indian Elephant, Indian Peatowl, King Cobra and the Mugger Crocodile ( Indian Crocodile).

Let me explain you from the basic the Jungle Safari is conducted by Forest Department and you will be leaded by well known experts who are skilled in driving and guiding you the route. The cost of Jungle Safari is Rs 400 per head which is nominal charge which also includes the vehicle provided to you by forest department. The duration for jungle safari is 2 hours which covers major parts of Anshi Tiger Park. One of the main thing you have to plan before jungle safari is know which day there is holiday as like most of tourist gets disappointed as they plan and get dishearten when they hear it's closed due to government holiday or some festivals of villages near by. Which all animals we can see in Jungle Safari? The perfect answer given by everyone is it's depend upon your luck although many tourist witnessed species like peacock, Leopard, Elephant, Tiger, Deer, Hornbill etc but it all depends upon the day and your luck.

The jungle is very dense and we have seen few peacock, deer, bison and amazing birds which I had never seen before. The distance of the journey is around 14 KM which makes you drive crazy also also feels you sad while returning. So where is this located? Click here for google map