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There are lot of places in Dandeli to visit by a traveller one of the historic place is Kavala Cave. Before you go to the place you need to take prior permission by Forest Department of Karnataka for the same you can also contact us which we will do for you. This place is visited once in a year on the occassion of MahaShivratri. There are more than four caves located in this area which is naturally build. One has to take source of light either torch or and light which helps you for visibility of the area.

Dandeli, in Karnataka stand testimony to the idiosyncrasies of nature and belong to the exotic type of destinations. One must visit during one's lifetime. Situated 25 kms from the base camp at Dandeli, Kavala Caves are limestone caves that came about due to a volcanic activity dating back to ages. These caves are very tiny in dimension and an interesting way to enter them, after climbing down 375 steps one reaches the Cave entrance, and then has to crawl 40 ft deep through winding and have a lot of stalagmite formations. There is a particular huge stalagmite, which is revered by the local people as a Shivling. A temple stands in front of the caves. The naturally formed Shivalinga is a miracle of nature and should not be missed.

The Shivalinga inside this cave is around 4 feet high and has a diameter of approximately 3 feet. The name Kavala comes from the Kannada words Kavala which resembles as raw nut and betal nuts which is resembled by the idol structure and shape. There is a stone above shivalinga which tickles down water continously. There is a belief that before this water was milk and now it's changed to water also some say it's lime water which formed shivlinga.

How to Reach: This cave is situated 25 kms from the Dandeli and you need to arrange own transportation facility. Once you reach the nearest location of Kavala Cave you need to trek and set in around 400 steps. to reach the destination.

Kavala Is an Historic Place in Dandeli