Starling River Resort Dandeli

  • Cottage
  • Charge
  • 1 nights
  • No
  • India
  • Dandeli
  • NA
  • strict

About Starling River Resort Dandeli

Starling Resort Dandeli is the resort located river side view. Located in the outskirts of Dandeli and near the banks of River Kali.

FAQs - Things to Know before Booking Hotel in Dandeli

Q: How to check availability of the property?

A: You can call owner +918660264935 or Whatsapp to this number to enquire about availability

Q: How to Book the property?

A: Once you confirm the availability and price. We will send you all details over email and you can confirm your reservation by making advance payment of 40% once we receive the payment you will get an confirmation email. You will get all details about your package and details along with location direction in the email. Remaining 60% of your booking amount you can pay during checkin at the property itself.
You can call owner +918660264935 or Whatsapp to this number to enquire now

Q: Is the Taxi/Cab service available?

A: If you need taxi/cab in Dandeli we can provide this at reasonable price. Price for Taxi/Cab starts from Rs 2000 price vary depending upon the requirement. Call owner +918660264935 for details.

Q: How much time it will take to confirm the reservation/Booking?

A: We love speed and it will take hardly 2 minutes to get confirmation for your booking.

Q: How to reach Dandeli?

A: You will get direct bus from major cities like Bangalore, Mangalore, Mysore, Hubli, Karwar, Goa.

Q: Is there train of Flight to Dandeli?

A: No there is no direct train or flight to Dandeli. Nearest railway station to Dandeli is Karwar, Alnavar, Hubli and Goa. You can find out if you get trains from your location to the locations mentioned.